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ICHIROYA Japanese Antiques

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Vintage INCREDIBLE Miniature
Landscape Garden Set

This is a Bontei,or bonseki set which comes in Bontei-tansu dated around early 1,900s to 1,940s.
This exceptional set is collected by man in Osaka who has been enjoyed bonseki for a long time.
Bonseki is the creation of miniature landscapes on rectangular or oval black lacquer trays.It is made primarily of sand and stone,pebbles,and bonseki sceneries are like three dimensional paintings that seem to mysteriously pulse with the movements of nature and carry both artist and viewer into an inner depth that belies expression which started around over 560 years ago.
12 drawers contain beautiful different sands,rocks and many pieces to creat ocean,also a sieve of large mesh to fine mesh to design oceans and mountains and other small tools are used all natural world.
This tansu istself is finely made using the best part called Tamamoku,rings of jewelries,so they have gorgeous wooden grains and nice cresent shaped handles on both sides.Inside of tansu are devided nciely with charming pulls.This is a site which explains about Bonseki and tools in English.
As you see from pictures,incredible part of this set is that it comes with SOOOO MANY tiny figures in 7 wooden cases!!!!!!!!!!!(it is impossible to count all,so we don't know how many they are) More Information

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Long ago in Japan, many poor people had no choice but to manage with very little in their households as they went about the business of daily living.  For example, such homes might contain a chest, a small amount of clothing, and a few well-worn wooden bowls.  Cooking utensils were used for generations.  They were repeatedly broken and fixed until they were beyond repair due to the poverty of their owners.

In contrast, those in the upper class enjoyed lives filled with culture, and traditional arts.  Noteworthy examples of these traditional arts include Ikebana, Sado, No, and others.  These highly sophisticated works of art were made by highly respected craftsmen, each of whom had dedicated his life to his craft. 

This tradition continues unchanged today.  All pieces are made by dedicated and skilled artisans, who retain the respect and admiration of the craftsmen who prededed them.  Days, months, and years are spent, as cherished traditions are passed on to future generations of artisans.

At the Ikebana ceremony, there are flower vases and scrolls.  At Sado, there are tea bowls, iron kettles, incense burners, and lacquerware.  At No, there are masks and musical instruments.

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